Easter tradition

It’s 4:50 AM and we’re sleeping soundly like the rest of small town America.  Suddenly, we are awakened by a LOUD, small, band playing Easter tunes from outside.  Huh?  There is church in our community that has a tradition of forming a small band very early on Easter morning and going throughout the town and playing loudly on street corners.  Here’s what I want to know —  does this church really want to inspire swearing first thing on the Christian church’s holiest of days?  ‘Cause I’ll tell you, at 4:50 AM when I’m fast asleep, my ability to be socially appropriate isn’t really strong.  No, I have to say, I can’t really be responsible for what comes out of my mouth in that situation, yet I do want to be respectful of religions.  Yup, I began Easter morning swearing.  Sorry about that.  The church made me do it.


5 Responses

  1. Happy (later in the day ) Easter!!!
    ~ Love you all ~

  2. Okay……. that would definitely NOT endear me to that church either! I’m not sure that I would stop with just uttering foul language either!

    *Hi Snowflake!*

  3. I agree. I have never heard of such a tradition, could they not wait until at least 6:00am–I would be looking into the city ordinance for next year. I need my sleep!

  4. I don’t even understand what the point would be for these people. I would be swearing too! And maybe throwing a shoe at them.

  5. What the heck???? Leave it to religious freaks to want to be up that early.

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