Geese at work


Ozzy and Harriet, the geese at work, are back and getting their nest ready.  This goose couple has been nesting in this spot and terrorizing our staff year after year and I adore them.  Our clients named them Ozzy and Harriet several years ago and we assume they are the same pair.  Recently, I have noticed one goose becoming more territorial, so I figured a nest was on the way.  Last night, he was chasing staff around the parking lot, hissing and spitting, and lo and behold, there was Harriet, beginning her nest.  It should be an interesting spring!  Last year he was so bold as to try to get in a back door near the nest.  I just walk quickly past and hiss and spit back.  We have an understanding, Ozzy and I.


2 Responses

  1. Wierd. When I was watching William and Mary (our pair of geese) as they checked out a neighbors backyard I was wondering about Ozzie and Harriet. Thanks for the timely update!

  2. YAY…. I was wondering where Ozzy and Harriet were this year! Just keep Snowflake away!

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