So big!

She’s changing so quickly, I can’t believe it.  She doesn’t seem like a baby anymore, but a little girl – a kid.  Changes?

  • She’s graduated to a sleeping bag on the floor instead of a crib at The Academy.  It was so cute to see her sleeping there, so comfy and nice one day.  And so grown.  She’ll need her own sleeping bag when she graduates to the next room up, in a few months.  I have discovered that most sleeping bags for toddlers are quite commercial, pushing movies and princesses, I have found these awesome sleeping bags and will be getting her one of these.  I just can’t make up my mind, but I’m thinking something brown and flowery.
  • She’s lost her first friend.  Batman, one of the Three Amigos at The Academy is transferring to another pre-school closer to his home.  I’m devastated.  He’s a sweet boy and always so happy to see her.   They played all day.  In fact, I noticed that their speech resembles each other.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Spiderman is still there and he’s truly awesome, but he’s a part-timer.  Monday will be her first day without Batman.  I could cry.
  • She can play ball!  Yowza!  I toss a little ball to her and she hands it back for more tossing.  Dontcha love cooperative play? 
  • We play other games with “rules.”  Daddy made one up, putting a ball on a collapsed balloon.  We hit the balloon and the ball flies.  Belly laughs poor out!  We videoed this, but WordPress will not accept the format (or maybe the cuteness is overwhelming). 
  • Her babble sounds more and more like real speech and she does verbally communicate.  “Da!” clearly means “good!” or “yes!”  Then there’s “na nya nyaaa nayaaaa!!!!” which is “you don’t get it and you’re stupid too!”  Sheesh, and she’s not even a teenager.

Anyway, she’s growing fast.  Sometimes she looks so big.  Other times she looks so small.


5 Responses

  1. What a beautiful picture!!!

  2. Fantastic photograph! Snowflake is fabulous!

  3. When I look at the photos of you guys in China first meeting Snowflake so seemed so small and helpless….. and it’s not that long ago! I have a favorite picture I pull up of Snowflake just when I want to smile but she’s gotten so big since then! If I wait much longer she’ll be in high school before I see her!

  4. As far as the last sentence, I know exactly what you mean! Boy Snowflake gets cuter and cuter and that is just the most beautiful picture of the most beautiful child.

  5. that’s a beautiful photo — worthy of framing in the living room!

    it’s such fun to observe the changes and development of these dear little ones.

    hey — any chance you can join us on Friday, is it a day off for you?

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