Party hardy!

We’re exhausted around the Pickle household.  Yesterday was Snowflake’s birthday party at a Chinese restaurant.  Most of our families were able to come.  Snowflake enjoyed some new food, including miso soup with tofu and seaweed.  She also had strawberry cheesecake with a fireworks candle that sang Happy Birthday!  Woo hoo!!!  Pictures later.  We had a friend take pics so she wouldn’t need to be surrounded by papparazzi. 

Today we went to visit her cousins, who are turning 2 and 5 within a week of Snowflake turning 1.  They had a party at their house.  Snowflake enjoyed two helpings of turkey tetrazzini, another first.  Yum yum!  Plus, she got to play with her cool cousins. 

Here’s a few pics from this evening.

Balloons are fun!

Because every girl needs a truck!
“I got a ton of toys for my birthday, but what I really want to play with is coasters.”
And finally, the BIG NEWS…
She climbed the steps TWO times!!!  Holy cow, people!  The second time she took one tumble at the very top.  Other than that I was only behind her, not even touching.  I tell you, this girl is strong and fast.  Is there a stair climbing competition in the Olympics, ‘cuz I think she’ll be ready.  Beijing sounds nice in August.

5 Responses

  1. Happy 1st Birthday to Snowflake. It looks like she loves “boons” just like Jammer.

    He’s an expert stair climber so she might have a little competition at those Olympics. We’re going for the gold.

  2. Happy Happy birthday.

    LOVE the truck. But hey, my momma got us ( my brother and I) things like microscopes, trucks, little tool sets… So I can relate.

  3. she is such a beauty! I love how her hair is growing in the back – pretty.

    STAIRS!!! She looks so tickled with herself.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I think you better get there early and do her workouts on the Great Wall! Too cute!

  5. Oh, she looks so happy! Happy belated birthday, little one!

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