Snowflake chooses a career

When we were in Chongqing, our adoption rep told us about a tradition from that area that is done on a child’s first birthday.  You take various items that represent jobs and lay them before the child.  Then you put the child on the floor.  Whichever item the child chooses first represents the trade or profession that child is now choosing for the future.  We put the following items before Snowflake:

  • PDA – something related to computers (IT manager like Daddy, perhaps?)
  • spoon – cook
  • scissors – hairdresser
  • pen – writer or artist
  • medicine bottle – pharmacist
  • microbe toy – doctor or biologist
  • pad of paper – writer
  • cell phone – communications
  • drum – music
  • calculator – math or science
  • electronic dictionary – linguist
  • stuffed dog – vet
  • brain – neuroscientist, brain surgeon, or cognitive therapist like Mommy perhaps?

Snowflake is placed before her options

She gives them careful consideration (oddly, she seemed to)

“I’m going to be a cook!”

Second choice, back-up plan perhaps — pharmacist.

8 Responses

  1. what a fun tradition! we’ll be waiting for gourmet meals or perhaps pharmaceutical recommendations!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, precious Snowflake!

    (love the trike, BTW – come on spring!)

  2. Oh c’mon! Those choices were skewed! What about the garbage bag so she could be a trash collector? A microphone so she could be Britney Spears! An almond Joy bar……. sometimes you feel like a nut! I know that Snowflake wants to grow up to be just like me!

  3. Trike is sweet! Perhaps that was her real 1st choice, and she’s going to become a professional motocross racer!

    Looks like Miss E and Snowflake are not going to share a birthday, but my guess is that they are not going to be too far apart. Been feeling very strange the last 48 hours…..

  4. Next year she can put up pickles with Baba!!

  5. What a cool thing to do. You’ll be so lucky to have a chef in the family.

    Happy Birthday Ms. Snowflake!

  6. chef is good!

  7. How cute is she?!? Happy Belated Birthday, little miss!

  8. Amazing post., bro

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