Our variegated babbler

Sounds like a bird, doesn’t she?  I was talking to a friend of mine who is teaching general psychology and she was telling me that Snowflake is a “variegated babbler.”  That is, she says different sounds in succession (mamemo) rather than repeating the same sounds (mamama), which is reduplicated babbling.  Her language has really been taking off with new sounds all the time.  She still observes us closely when we copy her sounds – with her eyes and her hands, which go right in our mouths to feel the sounds!  She also understands more of what we say, which is where the new games I mentioned in other posts are coming in.  She understands “no” and “buhao,” and sometimes chooses to obey and other times laughs and disobeys.  Heh, we’re in trouble. 

This evening, Hubs came down after giving Snowflake her goodnight bottle and announced that she also speaks Parseltongue, the language of snakes in Harry Potter.  It’s true.  I’ve heard it.  While I suppose this could be viewed as a valuable trait — it was for Harry — I am concerned.  Snakes scare me a little.  Although, I suppose if she can speak to them I’m okay.  I should not assume they are bad just because I’m genetically inclined to fear them. 

One more thing, I hung around The Academy awhile this evening when picking her up because she was fast asleep and I thought it would be best to let her sleep a bit.  I played with one of The Three Amigos.  There are three kids in Snowflake’s class who are developmentally at the same place and I call them The Three Amigos — specifically, Snowflake, Batman, and Spiderman.  They are nice kids and they play nicely together.  Well, I was playing with Batman, always the charmer, and he was making the same sounds she does!  I’m told by their teacher that the two of them chatter away all day, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they say the same thing.  It was a hoot, though, to hear the same babble come out of little Batman.

Here’s a few pics to enjoy.  She loves to play under the table.


6 Responses

  1. OMGosh!!! Wouldja look at all of that gorgeous HAIR! Your girl is going to have one beautiful mane, I’m telling ya. Thx for the pics. xo

  2. Your babbler’s skin looks great!

  3. Since Snowflake was adopted it is quite possible that she was born of wizards and being raised by muggles may present some problems for both she and you!
    I would think speaking Parseltongue may be of an advantage to both the muggles in her life and to her. She can tell those snakes to leave her mom and dad alone!
    (Can there be some wizard-speak to get rid of bugs?)

  4. It would be so neat to see Snowflake and Batman “conversing” in their own little language. Whenever I see something like that, it always amazes me to wonder what they are talking about to each other.

    Perhaps they are conspiring, as in, “tonight, I’m going to talk like a boy I saw in a movie that could control snakes. Do you think that will freak them out?”

  5. Phoenix, If the Granger family could raise such a smart witch, maybe we can too! I wonder how many of their houses she accidentally blew up?

    Mrs. Pushy, I’m sure they conspire all the time. I can see it in the fishy looks they give each other.

    This parenting thing is not for sissies, I tell you.

  6. Laughs and disobeys. Ha Ha Ha.

    You ARE in trouble!

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