Playin’ games

A new favorite game is to “hide” and for us to call out “where’s Snowflake?”  She pops out to show herself and giggles with glee.  She also likes to play “Monkey See; Monkey Do” at the dinner table.  She does something – claps, puts her hands on her head, puts her hands on her cheeks and we imitate her.  She gets a big bang out of that too and the mirror neurons are firing for all.  What fun!  What’s even cooler is that she is initiating most of this.

Hubs got her this rocking chair, which she adores.  She needs constant supervision when using it, however.  Just after I took this picture she did a nose-dive to the floor.  No serious harm done.  Ego bruised, but face just fine.

Now she’s napping, Daddy’s cooking, Mommy’s blogging, and we’re waiting for Uncle B~ to come over for dinner!  The birthday celebrating is beginning!  Snowflake is turning ONE on Thursday.  The official party is next Saturday, but Uncle B~ can’t make it, so he’s here this Saturday to celebrate.  We’ll do a few little things on her birthday.  I have a Chinese custom planned that I learned about in Chongqing just for 1-year-olds.  More on that later.  Next Saturday we’re going out for a bash at a local Chinese joint.  Yowza!


4 Responses

  1. Love that picture of her peeking around the door! She is just too cute!

  2. I agree, that pic is the cutest!
    Have fun with the party and pre-party!

    As far as the all-poweful mom thing, her believe will get stronger though you may tell her it is not so; I don’t think we will be avoiding the teenage crisis to come!

  3. That top picture is amazing — a framer! Sorry I have not been around…have been adjusting getting back into the swing at work…anyway, Snowflake has just gotten more and more adorable.

  4. That peek a boo behind the door picture is amazing! What a cutie!

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