Picture title: Don’t mess with me!

There’s bronchiolitis in the house.  Yucky and nasty and tiring, although why, I can’t quite say, as I’m getting plenty of sleep.  Sometimes Snowflake seems just Jim-Dandy fine; other times she’s downright feeling lowsy and in a terrible mood.  Earlier in the week she had a low fever, but no more.  She coughs and occasionally wheezes.  We were going to call her Wheezy, but we’re afraid she’ll hook up with a short, prejudiced dude named George later.  So, nope, she’s still Bing-Bing.  Her temper can be short, although I’m not sure my mommy-skills are the best at the moment.  I don’t think I’m reading her well.  At times, we’re sure she wants to call China to inform them that we’re abusing her.  The occurs mostly when we clothe her or god-forbid – wipe her nose.  She was with us in China when we promised not to abuse, neglect or abandon her and lately she has frequent argument with the abuse part.  Actually, I believe she thinks nose wiping is down-right torture.  What’s a mom to do? 

Hubs took her to the doctor yesterday — the place was hopping with sick kids.  He’s been sick too.  So far, mommy’s okay, although this is a relative term.  Today there’s snow gallore – well for around here.  You must understand, people, that in our neck of the woods two inches of snow sends people into a tizzy, running off to buy out the grocery stores of milk and bread (apparently that’s all we really need to live on in these parts), and then hiding out behind closed doors due to the blizzard.  My job is opening two hours late, so Hubs went in first.  I’ll go in later.  Now I’m home with Snowflake, who’s currently napping.   Probably dreaming about the evil lady with a tissue called mom.  Anyway, doc said she’ll be fine soon and mostly she is now.

This brings me to a thought.  There is a very weird thing about this parenting gig, but Snowflake is waking up, so I’ll get to it later.  Peace out.


3 Responses

  1. Your mommy skills are fine! Unless the tot has super communication skills it’s often a (not so much fun) guessing game as to what is wrong and then more guessing on how to fix it. Even knowing a child from birth doesn’t always make it easier. Welcome to the club!!!
    Grandson M also feels abused with the nose wipe as well as cleaning a messy food face! Interesting that his brother R doesn’t seem to care.

  2. PS – I love the “don’t mess with me” face!!!

  3. Oh god…… THAT photo is a keeper! Show her future prom date that face!
    You might want to try the Puffs Plus with lotion for that nose wiping. It didn’t exist when we were kids but I know now, with my lousy allergies that nose wiping is pretty painful without those particular tissues!
    It’s okay BingBing……. looks like Auntie Phoenix will get to visit soon!

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