Parenting weirdnesses

Okay, the weird stuff…

One minute she is mad, mad, mad because I’m doing something vile like, say, dressing her.  But who does she want for comfort?  Me!  Call me funny, but I think that’s weird.  Awesome, too, in the attachment department.  But still.

And another thing…  power.  Here Snowflake’s world is falling apart because she’s fallen and bumped her head.  I pick her up and make it all better in an instant.  No wonder little kids think their parents are all-powerful.  And of course, the human brain is hard-wired to believe in higher powers, so it’s perfectly natural that the first higher power they believe in is Mom and Dad!  The higher Higher Powers come later – taught by Mom and Dad.  Anyway, this is just a set-up in my opinion.  I mean one of these days (okay years), Snowflake will be an adolescent.  And when that day comes she’s going to discover that we aren’t all-powerful and she’s gonna be mad!  Here’s the thing…  I’m really not doing anything to encourage this higher power delusion.  I’m just comforting her in a time of need.  It’s my job; I’m her mom.  But who wants to become the my-mom-is-the-stupidist-mom-in-the-world-mom?  Isn’t there anything I can do now to avoid this by breaking down the all-powerful-mom delusion now?  I tried, recently, to tell her that I’m not all-powerful, but she just screamed in agony.  Sheesh.  Maybe pre-12-months is too soon?


One Response

  1. Hahaha! If you figure it out, let me in on the secret. I don’t want to me the My MOm is So Stupid mom either!

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