Our Sunday

This afternoon we walked downtown to look at the ice sculptures that were created Friday night.  On the sunny side of the street they were already melting, but on the shady side they looked nice.  We had lunch downtown, then came home.  After Snowflake’s afternoon nap, we met family (both sides) at a sandwich joint for supper.  It was very nice.  Cousin K~ brought Snowflake a snazzy gift, given her love for good food and restaurants – a restaurant bag!  It’s a bag of goodies – toys, books, crayons and paper, and other various activities to entertain a child at a restaurant.  Of course, the items in the bag change as the child grows and eventually they pack their own restaurant bag.  Anyway, it’s the coolest.  Here’s a few pics of the day.

Cuz K~ with Cuzlet Snowflake

The Restaurant Bag


7 Responses

  1. Cute! And with the Lady bug theme too!

  2. Lurve the ice sculptures. Way cool. Thanks for sharing the great pics.

  3. What a lovely day! I love the restaurant bag idea!

  4. Cool sculptures!! Looks like a nice day.

  5. The Restaurant Bag. What a great gift idea! As mom to a very ACTIVE girl – I assemble these myself quite frequently – you’ll use it well, I’m sure!

  6. want some ladybug wallpaper to go with that bag???

    just kidding 🙂

    very cute!

  7. I really like the creative idea of the restaurant bag. What a cool gift!

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