Lately she has taken to standing unaided.  She lets go of the table, or whatever she’s been using for support, to play with a block or piece of fabric or whatever.  Basically, she just wants her hands free to bang the blocks together or flail the fabric.  It’s so funny because she had no idea how awesome this is!  Mommy and Daddy get very excited, but she’s just doing her thing.  Every other new skill has been a very big thrill for her, but this is nothing.  We just crack up and clap and make a big deal and she’s like, “what?”


7 Responses

  1. she looks like such a big girl standing there by herself! what a difference the small milestones make…yay!

  2. So wonderful! So strong and growing so fast!

  3. Do you REALLY make her carry all her stuff in that backpack? It’s almost taller than she is!

  4. Phoenix, that is her diaper bag and did I mention she’s VERY strong? And independent. We expect her to be bringing home a pay check in another week or two. She’s going to need it to keep up her tuition at The Academy. We keep her weights behind the sofa. Don’t want her flinging them at the cats, as her gross motor skills do need some work.

    And yes, the thing does weigh a ton. Try carrying it, plus your own stuff, plus her,… then do it on ice. Sheeesh!

  5. Whatever you do on the ice, do NOT drop my niece! It would be nice if she had a nanny to carry everything for her….. or a standard poodle maybe?

  6. I’m fairly sure that if I fall that she’ll land on me and I’ll be the broken one. I have a funny feeling that Snow-Ice will be fine on the snow and ice. Of course a broken mommy wouldn’t be good for her either. Who would carry the diaper bag?

    Does Gus ski?

  7. Better than skiing…Gus can haul a sled……. you’ll never see the sled again but he can haul it!

    I’m sure Gus would drive Snowflake nuts because he’s big on licking ears of little ones too! (Taste like chicken!)

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