Out to dinner

On Sunday evening we went out to dinner and Snowflake was a dream.  We do go out a fair amount and she does well.  This time she totally wowed the waitress, who ended up bringing her a first – ice cream!  She liked it very much.  However, I have a pet peeve regarding children’s menus.  First, I think they are a great idea, as kids do need smaller portions and the smaller prices are nice too.  However, what’s with the idea that they only eat chicken nuggets, spaghetti, cheese burgers, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches???  This wasn’t an upscale restauarant, but it wasn’t just a burger and sandwich joint either.  Hubs ordered fish to share with her.  But we also ordered the kid’s ravioli because we knew we’d need more food.  Why can’t they put the good food on the kid’s menu in smaller portions?  Sure, spaghetti and PB&J is okay sometimes, but when you go out to a nice restaurant it’s nice to eat nice food and I’m tellin’ you, that’s not what’s on the kids’ menu.  I didn’t see PB&J on the regular menu anywhere.

Cousin K, I seem to remember a story about your daughter A~ when she was quite young.  She was asked what her favorite food was and she said Bernaise sauce.  Now, that’s awesome!!!  I bet she didn’t have that on her chicken nuggets.

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  1. Everyone is so happy with their babies and toddlers.Its wonderful to read all the news.
    I can’t believe it will be three years this year since we all bacame cyber friends.We are still waiting!
    15 months since LID and three years in March since we first started our journey.It seems unreal.

  2. I so agree! We share with M most times and have found a couple of restaurants that actually have decent for for kids. It really peeves me when they offer hot dogs and nuggets–you would think the kids menu would be more healthy! I have found that the mid-range restaurants are starting to offer more fruit and vegetables that are fresh. A good sign.

  3. When L~ was 4 she ordered Calamari. The waitress looked at me and asked “Does she know what that is?” The best was at a very upsscale reataurant in Bermuda. At ages 8 and 5 our girls together decided on Chateaubriand for 2 and a Ceasar salad. B and I had nothing to do with their choice. The staff was so taken aback that they gave them a spectacular dessert on the house! Keep ordering the good stuff for Snowflake !

  4. I hate that too. Its either chicken nuggets with fries, mac and cheese, no fries, or hamburger and fries. Ick. One of us usually gets something that we can share with her!

  5. I still know many adults whose menu is limited to hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and PB&J! I have to admit, as a kid I was restricted to hot dogs……… I wouldn’t eat any other kind of meat and I’m less than sure that hot dogs are even meat!
    I’ll have to bring some Maine Lobster for Snowflake!

  6. I have asked at many restaurants if they can do a smaller portion of something that is not on the kid’s menu, and have usually been told yes.
    It’s worth a shot. The worse they can do is say ‘no’, right?

  7. when we were in Disney Chloe was able to order snow crab legs from the children’s menu in one of the restaurants. ate ’em, too! now THAT’s a menu!

    sometimes we order something ‘good’ for her and take the leftovers home to enjoy later.

    and most of the time we order the hot dog. oh well.

  8. We’re finding this too. Although we’re finding mandarain oranges, which he loves, on some menus, there is not a veggie in sight. I’ll have to try ordering a smaller portion of something on the regular menu and see how that goes. No wonder many kids get so hooked on burgers, pizza and chicken nuggets since kids menus focus on these things.

  9. I totally agree! Jensen is such a picky eater and refuses to eat most items on the children’s menus. We usually order him soups and give him part of what we’re eating. Why do most places think kids only want to eat mac and cheese and burgers and fries???

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