Party hardy!

Last night we went to Chinese New Year party hosted by an FCC family.  We met another Chongqing girl, who has been home just one week.  She’s sitting next to Snowflake in the brown couch photos above, with her big sister on the other side.  Plus, there were two families who are waiting for their kids – one family is leaving on Snowflake’s birthday and another soon after that!  Funny thing, one waiting mom recognized us from the blog.  I guess she followed a link.  Anyway, she didn’t know we were local.  She thought we lived in the mid-west or something!  That works for me, as I don’t want us readily identifiable.  Anyway, new friends, if you’re reading now – have a great trip and we can’t wait to meet your new little one!

Snowflake enjoyed the good food and the “firecrackers” – stamping on bubble-wrap.  She was too small to pop any bubbles, but she put in good effort and she enjoyed the noise (it was loud!) and watching the big kids show how it’s done.  Next year I’m sure she’ll be popping crackers with the best of them!  Anyway, it was a raucas good time and Snowflake was out very late.  We got home at about 8:45.  Luckily we had the foresight to bring her pjs along and we put off the bath until this morning.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

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  1. hey, is that Jens girl on the far left? the dress lady? small world!


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