Free Rice

This website is both worthwhile and highly addictive.  It’s a simple, not necessarily easy, word game.  For each correct word you get, 20 grains of rice is donated through the United Nations to help end world hunger.  Hubs, who is always pointing out Internet scams to me, checked this one out and it seems legit.  Each time you get a new word, a new advertiser comes up.  The advertiser pays for the 20 grains of rice – if you are correct.  What’s nice, is you don’t really notice the advertisements. 

I’ve even used it with clients as a cognitive exercise, as we do a fair amount of things on the computer and earning food for the poor is motivating.  Plus, it keeps track of how you’re doing, so I can see if a person is improving.  It would be cool if you were studying for any test involving vocabulary.  I find I learn from it.  Yup, very nifty all around.  Go, play, learn, feed someone!


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