Waving and clapping

Two new skills have just emerged and the excitement is mounting!  It was so funny, because for a few days Snowflake has been doing this thing with her hands that looked like some kind of sign language.  I know the signs she’s learning at The Academy and this was different, might I say more complex?  But it was interesting, so we payed close attention.  I wondered, “what is our girl saying?”  My main thoughts were, “feed me more fish” and “e=mc²”.  Finally, when I was waving at her, the Einsteinonian sign turned to face her in a friendly wave, in that funny way kids do.  Then it turned to me in a real “Hi Mommy!” wave!!!  Yea!  She’s since waved at Daddy, a visitor, and a teacher at the Academy.  Oh, and she claps – on purpose!  And of course, there’s constant little stories, “ba ba ba”, “ma ma ma”, “bwa bwa bwa” – My gosh, people, she’s brilliant.


5 Responses

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, brilliant! Don’t you just love when they start doing all these cute stuff?

  2. Like mother like daughter!

  3. Its so wonderful to hear about you all and how well you are doing.

  4. sounds brilliant to me

  5. Let the fun begin…

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