Snot, sweat, and tears

Snowflake is sick.  It’s yucky and no fun.  The rundown is she has a low fever on and off, a cough, a very runny, yucky nose and evil-Mommy is using the boogie-sucker.  “Waaaaa!”  She alternates between a fairly good mood and a terribly fussy mood where you just can’t do anything right by her.  Hubs stayed home with her on Monday.  Yesterday we thought she was better and we took her to The Academy, but they called Hubs at noon to come and get her because her fever was back up.  We decided to keep her home today.  I’m with her for the morning and Hubs will come home at 12:30 so I can work this afternoon.  Poor kid.  It stinks to be sick.  There have been some fun and even interesting times, but that’s for another post.


3 Responses

  1. poor baby……..hope she feels better soon
    keep sucking that snot

  2. Sugarlips STILL has an unnatural fear of the snot sucker and I haven’t used it on her for years!

    Poor mom. It sucks when they’re sick! Take care!

  3. Poor baby. I hate it when they feel poopy.

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