Now that Snowflake is really moving around, we’ve had to put up some baby gates and begin setting some limits around a few areas.  They aren’t terrible spots, but instead of totally baby-proofing we’d like her to learn “no” and “buhao.”  Buhao = no good.  Here’s how it goes.

She heads toward the cat food in excitement.  Hey, if Nicky and Reba think it’s good it must be awesome!  While a little cat food probably won’t hurt her, we really don’t want it to be a regular part of her diet and we’re hoping we don’t have to move it.  I’m afraid the cats will be neglected terribly if we do.  So, Snowflake begins her quick-crawl toward the kitty dishes and we quickly say, “Snowflake, BUHAO!”  She looks up.  She usually looks back at the delightful delicacies, which we think she suspects could be better than Cheerios and considers.  Again we say, “buhao!”  There may be a few rounds of this and it’s fascinating to watch her face as she considers all this.  When she physically turns away from the suspected delight we joyfully tell her “good job!” about a million times, letting her know that she has made a fantastic decision.  It seems to be going well, although once I caught her a little late at the offending area and she laughed at me when I said “buhao.”  Hmmmm, buhao, Mommy didn’t like.  I think the trick is to get to her before the offense has been made, which we won’t always do.  Anyway, I think we’re onto something.

Well, I hear her waking up and she sounds happy!  Hen hao!  Very good!


4 Responses

  1. All animals get neglected when a kid comes home. I know about baby gates. They are now up everywhere.

  2. we never had too much trouble with Chloe, but now that she is SO tall and proficient with her stepstool we have many buhao times!

    hope she is feeling hen hao soon!

  3. I have got to laugh! It sounds just like me battling wills with the dog! (He doesn’t go for the cat food but definitely tries to get into my bed when that’s a “Cat only zone”!)

  4. Just wait until she tried to get the kitties to eat her food.

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