Sunday, Sunday

Today we went to Toys R Us to birthday shop for Snowflake.  I guess this is the last year we’ll be able to do that with her along, huh?  I was hoping they’d have these awesome-looking Radio Flyer ride-on trikes and cars I saw on the Radio Flyer website, so I could pick my favorite, but they didn’t.  Maybe Target will have something.  We did get her this cool Tonka truck that we gave her cuzlet that she really liked.  I’m a little annoyed with the Tonka website, though.  It’s very sexist.   What’s with the idea that trucks are just for boys???  My girl loved this truck!  She hasn’t taken to dolls or stuffed animals yet.  They don’t do anything!  It’s the wheels she likes. 

She slept a little on the way home, but then couldn’t go back to sleep for a decent nap.  By 5:00 she was horribly fussy with exhaustion.  I gave her an early bath, after which she fought me over the getting into PJs.  When we got downstairs Hubs asked who won the battle and I didn’t know.  Finally, we had a lovely supper of breaded fish, broccoli, and rice and beans.  She was delighted but completely worn out and was in bed and asleep by 6:15.  I hope she sleeps for 12 hours!

Here’s a few pics from the day.  I’m very sad to say that I think she’s outgrown these overalls.  They keep coming unbuttoned in the crotch.  I love Osh Kosh overalls and these red ones are SO CUTE!!!

…Just standin’ around… 

Knocking over Daddy’s tree

Oh, and thanks for the advice on skin-care products.  We’re making headway, I think.


3 Responses

  1. Oh wow, BDay shopping! That is sweet. Her eye keeps looking brighter and brighter. What a sweet wee face your girl has.

    Happy BDay Snowflake!

  2. She is so beautiful! She really is. I love how happy she always seems to be.

    Good luck on finding the perfect gift. I had a hard time finding a Channukah gift. Nothing was quite right.

  3. I remember overalls… *sigh* . My kids LIVED in them. I eventually sewed the snaps shut because they kept opening and then got another couple months out of them.
    I tried to androgenize my girls, and it backfired.
    Pass me a Tonka truck will ya?
    Happy Birthday!

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