Those cheeks

I’m sorry to say, but those are not healthy, rosy cheeks.  They are chapped, nasty red.  In China she had the loveliest skin, as the Chongqing women are known for (we were told over and over).  Then we arrived in this cold world and her face has been a mess!  We’ve followed the pediatrician’s advice and are lubing her up with lotion, but it’s hard to manage.  She recommended thick lotions and we’re using Aveeno Baby and Vaseline Intensive Care.  If anyone has any good suggestions for Snowflake, I would love to hear them.  She isn’t complaining, but if my face looked like that I think it would hurt.


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  1. Same thing happens to our daughter. We have excellent success with Aquaphor – the vaseline type of stuff. Cheeks, chin, lips and nose, every night just before bed. My only caution is that it will stain clothes and bedding, which is why we put it on last thing before bed. For us it is a small price to keep her skin beautiful.

    We also run a humidifier on low in her room all winter.

  2. cocoa butter or shea butter is a good lotion. You may need to get some lotion for African American skin tends to be thicker and more lubricating on the skin. Recommendation from two AA moms I know both adoptive moms.


  3. Sounds odd but when I have really bad dry skin (cracked and yucky) I use Bag Balm:

    It may be an odd thing to use but it works REALLY well. We use it, use it on the dog when she had surgery and they shaved her and her skin was yuckers.

    Good luck!

  4. Sofie is a fellow CQ girl that has a rough time in the PA winters that she now faces…we use Eucerin cream on her whole body in the morning and Aquaphor at night (same reason that ELSNY listed…). It keeps her smooth, and if we miss a day? Rough spots and red cheeks.

    Regardless? Snowflake is GORGEOUS!

  5. My grandson has the same issue. Aquaphor by Eucerin is what keeps it under control. Great stuff!
    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. If you find that the lotion isn’t helping, or is making her face MORE red, you might ask for a prescription for Ellidel cream. It’s awesome for eczema. And if you notice that her face is more red after eating certain foods, you might want to check into allergy testing.

  7. Another Aquaphor user here… swear by it!

  8. Another Aquaphor user here… I swear by it!

  9. Aquaphor didn’t work for Emme…we use the Eucerin that has urea in it…our pediatricin told us that urea will work on tough cases of rough and red skin when other stuff doesn’t. Em also has a type of ezcema, and we use Cortaid on her face and torso prophylactically to keep it at bay.

  10. Aquaphor or Bag Balm advocate here!
    I also have some Maine Made Remedy that I’ll send to you ASAP! (Nothing like it for my chapped winter skin and it’s a baby product but I’m a baby at heart!)

  11. Grrrrrrrrrr……. drove an hour to the “All Naturals” store to get the “stuff” for BingBing and they were all out! I’m going to keep looking. I know where the maker of the stuff lives so I may go knocking on her door for some!

  12. We use Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream Dermatologic Formula – for Sensitive Skin (can be ordered/purchased at the pharmacy – no prescription necessary). Our dermatologist recommended we use it for Cuz E when she had the terrible & extremely painful cracked feet & ezcema. Since it doesn’t have any dyes, fragrance, parabens or formaldehyde its GREAT for sensitive skin & so we use it on Cuz C’s chapped cheeks w/o any problems. It clears it right up whereas the Eucerin didn’t work for Cuz E or Cuz C. It doesn’t make any messes on clothing or sheets. It comes in a 1lb tub & lasts forever! Highly recommend it! Let me know if you want more info on it. I know it worked miracles on Cuz E’s feet & legs & she hasn’t had any problems w/her feet or legs since we started using it.

  13. Yes I do. Its called Aquaphor and its thick like vaseline and expensive, but it really works! (And it doesn’t smell icky like bag balm!)

  14. hmmmm. no use for KY here.

    Bag balm works wonders on my udders.
    Make sure snowflake doesn’t have roseola first…I’m assuming a doc has already ruled this out.

    Vaseline in copious amounts solves many problems. Steriod creams are to be avoided in babies.

  15. My B gets this sometimes too. I do the same thing Amanda mentioned — Aquaphor at bedtime, and Eucerin Original (the cream in the tub, not the lotion) during the day. It usually clears up pretty quickly. Also, my mom has a vitamin E cream that works really well. She says she gets it at the pharmacy. They have it behind the counter b/c they use it as a base for mixing Rx things, but you can get just the plain lotion without a Rx.

  16. We used aquaphor on Lauren’s cheeks and had to lotion her whole body daily for months. It may sound strange but I think adding healthy fats to her diet may have helped over time, too. She no longer has dry skin anywhere.

  17. Still, those cheeks are so adorable… lol

  18. I ditto the bagbalm. But before you try that…try mustela cold cream…it’s AMAZING! Piper used to go to pre-school and come home with burns on her cheeks from the cold and wind. We live in Minnesota so -30+ with the windchill! We use both the stick form and the cream form…it is truly a skin saver!

    We NEVER have chapped cheeks anymore. We used the bagbalm in the green tin(made in vermont) and it was the only thing that worked on her excema on her feet. My SIL uses it on her son in Colorado for his excema and they live at 11000feet.

    Good luck…she is incredibly cute!


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