Our baby food

She really likes rice and beans by Eden Organics.

We’re also experimenting with Jyoti Natural Foods.  These tend to be a little spicy and therefore not a guarantee.  However, she is a spicy-girl and you just never know.


She also eats whatever we’re eating and we eat this stuff.  These are our convenience foods. 

A lot of people have commented about her eating, both on the blog and off, so I thought I’d write about my thoughts on it.

First, I think we were lucky to get a kid who has an amazingly adaptable personality.  I noticed it early on in China.  I think it has a lot to do with her positive adjustment thus far.  Things just don’t throw her.  That isn’t to say that she doesn’t get fussy and have bad times, but overall she’s quite adaptable.  I suspect that’s an inherited trait.  I hope, as her second parents, we’re able to foster that, as it will serve her well through life if we don’t screw it up.

Second, I’ve been wondering if there’s not something to this spicy-girl thing.  Our agency representatives in Chongqing spoke of it often.  It was a joke, of sorts, but still.  Also, it referred more to personality than food, but this girl needs flavor.  Did her birth mom eat spicy food that she could “taste” in the womb?  Does this happen?

Something Hubs and talked about a lot during our long wait for Snowflake was food.  One benefit of the never-ending wait, was that we had a chance to really discuss some parenting issues and this was one we discussed a lot, maybe more than any other.  What we came to was this: 

  1. We never kept a lot of junk food in the house and that wouldn’t change.
  2. We would try all kinds of foods with Snowflake without judging what we think she should like or dislike.  Those decisions are hers.  I’m still curious what she’ll think of mushrooms.  Hubs loves them; I hate them.  The decision about them will be all hers.
  3. We don’t think giving kids junk food is cute.  I’m baffled that giving kids massive amounts of sugary or empty food is considered the cutest thing in the world.  Snowflake will not be having a big birthday party and we won’t be smearing cake and icing all over her for adults’ benefit.  Sorry, I don’t think it’s cute.  She is darn cute when she eats, but not because of what she eats, but because of how excited she gets about eating.  I’d rather her be excited by rice and beans, fish, and asparagus than ice cream, M&Ms, and cake.  Not that she can’t ever have those things, but they will be treats.  Never food.

So, she’s a good eater and we’re very lucky – for now.  Maybe in a year we’ll have a kid who won’t eat anything orange.  Who knows?  I can’t imagine her giving up her precious sweet potatoes though.


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