Nothin’ much + TMI

It was a quiet day in the Casa de Snowflake.  Hubs and Snowflake went out for breakfast with MawMaw and Snowflake shared his Greek omelet.  She took a loooong nap this afternoon while I did some shopping, including some new overalls on sale for her.  Gotta love a deal and she has officially outgrown the pair she was wearing today.  I think the cute animal shoes are done too.  We had been taking a poll as to exactly what the animal is and I still don’t know – bear, moose, reindeer, …  It’s a mystery, but I love the little things.  I got them in China, but I think they’re done.  I also found an awesome sweater for me for super-cheap!  I guess it’s the after-Christmas sales.  So, mommy’s happy.  And, I got a book I was looking for, so life is good.  Then Snowflake ate an enormous dinner of fish, sweet potato, and asparagus.  Yum!!!!!!! 

Now Hubs in on a bizarre mission to determine if she creates the strange after-eating-asparagus-urine smell.  Gads, people, turn away and scroll down now if you aren’t up for a strange urine topic…  As it turns out, some people’s urine takes on a distinctive odor just after eating asparagus.  What’s even stranger is that only some people are able to smell this odor.  So, some may create the smell and not know it, while others can smell it and create it.  Others may be able to smell, but not create it.  Well, Hubs is a creator-smeller and he’s wondering about Snowflake.  So, he did the diaper change tonight following dinner.  No information, as of yet.  Maybe the morning diaper will tell us more.

Now, because I know why you really came…

She had just had a bottle.  Check out how sweaty her hair is.


7 Responses

  1. The cuteness is overwhelming. I love how she is playing with the cat toy in the second picture! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe ours came that small! Start them small, grow em’ later I always say.
    Snowflake has pinchable cheeks that’s for sure.
    I’m a creator-smeller (and it’s so bad I wanna gag)

  3. You “may” want to break it slowly to hubs that Bingbing probably will not have inheritied his genes for the producer/sniffer gene and I don’t think that’s a bad thing!
    So how about fitting her for a snowmobile suit and dropping by my house? She’s too cute for me to resist much longer!

  4. She is scrumptiously adorable.

    Our Allie always was the sweat head girl after eating too. It tooks months until that stopped. Oh yeah, and she pooped like no one’s business for months – we called her princess-poops-a-lot.

  5. She is a really good eater. Really good.

    I like the fact that you are testing her already.

  6. Polka dotz on your girl rock. As does her beautiful wee smile. XO

  7. Good bottle, Mom. Sugarlips used to sweat like that too!

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