Growing so fast!

Holy cow, people, the changes!  She’s “standing” on her knees and staying steady.  She ate 4 servings of rice and beans for dinner and then a whole bottle!  I couldn’t keep up with her.  I kept her pacified with Cheerios, which she can feed herself now, while I heated up another serving.  She cracks me up on a regular basis.  I tell you, the changes are coming so quickly right now that I’m afraid we’re going to have to sign her up for calculus next week.

Oh, and the Chongqing spicy girl thing.  My word, this girl has it in spades.  She won’t touch baby food – not Chinese, not American.  Can you say BORING!  She’s eating this rice and bean concoction and it’s very flavorful.  Spicy even.  Maybe the next time we go out for Chinese food we’ll have to try the hot and sour soup.  Heh.


One Response

  1. I expect that the growing & changing will continue to amaze you! Glad she is doing so well…and what a FANTASTIC eater!

    oh, and GOOD JOB on doing her lifebook so quickly! I’m still overwhelmed by that project and have only completed parts of it. I am seriously contemplating making it a mother-daughter project, soon!

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