White Swan Barbie

I had heard about this gift from the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou and I kind of wanted it, until I saw it.

Now I think it’s just freaky.  I mean…

  1. It’s Barbie.
  2. It’s so White.  All the other families in our travel group had at least one parent who was of Asian descent.  When this freakizoid toy arrived on our bed I immediately wondered how they felt?  What’s with the assumption that Mama’s White?
  3. I don’t look like Barbie.  I don’t want to look like Barbie. 
  4. From what I read, if Barbie were a real person, she would be 6 feet tall, weigh 100 pounds, and wear a size four.  Her measurements would be 39″, 19″, 33″.  Freaky.
  5. Barbie would have severe back problems and probably require back surgery, if she were real.  Her anorexia would cause her not menstruate and she would be infertile. 
  6. Infertility?  Is that why she’s adopting?  Where’s Ken?  I guess she got her dossier in before May 1, 2007 or Ken, like other dads, just isn’t important enough to display.  There’s a family pet-peeve.  Hubs has gotten rather annoyed with the mother-centric literature about parenting.  Can’t say that I blame him.  Of course, Ken has his own body problems causing body image problems for boys everywhere (or is it for girls about boys?).  Wait!  Wouldn’t anorexia preclude Barbie from adopting from China???  CCAA!  What’s up?
  7. I have a friend who was poisoned by Barbie.

I’m not sure what to do with Barbie + Chinese baby.  For some reason I feel as though it is for Snowflake, although the box is clearly marked that it is NOT a toy and is for those 14 and over only.  But I feel that I should save it for her.  That it’s a memento of the adoption trip.  Yet, it’s freaky.  Hmmm, what to do with Freaky Barbie Mama?

More on Freakie Barbie HERE.


9 Responses

  1. I think that this “Barbie Aberration” will be some kind of collector’s item in Snowflake’s era when multicultural families will be the norm and not the “freakazoidal thing”. Is it made by the usual makers of Barbie or does it contain lead? There’s something weird about the toy and something intriguing too……. I’ll bet I’ll have a dream about it tonight.

  2. I think you can donate it to Love Without Boundaries and they will sell it on ebay for hundreds of dollars to someone who looks like barbie, or WANTS to look like barbie, and they will take the money and help do heart surgeries for children in China.

  3. Save it and let her sell it on Ebay for college. Or let her play with it when she is older. There is a lot you can do with it until then like lock it in a dark closet far far away.


  4. Puh-leeeeze. Just look at Barbies outfit. So outdated. Looks like an old Barbie re-purposed for the WS…c’mon, not only are we not all Barbie-White…but many of us are just waaay to stylist to relate to this outdated model.

    Sorry. I’m just sayin’.


  5. I meant to write – “way too stylish…” hope that came through.

  6. yeah…………….get rid of it, it’s freaky
    ebay or donate it

    she’s way too white and looks like she’s carrying a package instead of a child

  7. I sold mine on ebay right after I got home. You can get a couple hundred for this freakoid toy. The message is just so odd and wrong, who started this thing anywho?

  8. That doll is freaky looking. Those dolls sell for lots of moolah on E-Bay, though!! We got a set of Matchbox cars at the White Swan when we adopted Jensen. We were hoping to get one of those freaky dolls so we could have sold it for big bucks!!!

  9. […] have decided to save Freakazoid Barbie for Snowflake for later to let her decide what to do with it ~ keep it, sell it on Ebay for her […]

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