The Academy

This morning we went to visit and do paperwork for Snowflake’s day care.  Hubs went back to work yesterday and I start back at the beginning of the year.  Yes, well. 

Anyway, Snowflake is now enrolled at The Academy.  It has the most lovely of snooty names.  I expect we will be needing a tweed blazer and she will be getting the fancy patch when she graduates to the Toddler Room and is out of diapers.  We had a talk this morning about sororities and how, although mommy and daddy weren’t into these things, she can make her own choices.  However, we would like her to keep her wits about her come Pledge Week and not let the peer pressure get to her.  We don’t want to hear about any milk keggers or pressure to do anything really stupid to get accepted.  She’s her own girl and should get accepted on her own rights, not because she wears the coolest overalls or is cruel to others to make herself look important.  Snowflake drooled in understanding.  While we were there she interacted with the other babies in that solitary play kind of way.  She’s a little young for parallel play.  But hey, that’s what the Academy is all about… gaining skills.

We plan to visit The Academy each morning this week to check out the Pledge Week schedule acclimate.  Today we did leave her with her professors teachers while we collected paperwork and she did great.  It’s hard to be leaving her at day care so soon and it was not our original plan, but that’s how it’s working out. 


3 Responses

  1. I’m sure she’ll be running The Academy in no time. And then she can give speeches that start out….”I’d like to thank The Academy.”

  2. Just tell her not to have her picture taken on a milk buzz for later blackmail.


  3. I hope you have that little talk with her before she needs it! Oh you know which talk I’m talking about! Yeah those toddlers are the culprits! Snowflake needs to know that “Just say ‘NO'” does not apply to her at this age when speaking to mommy, daddy and auntie! We want leaders and not followers! She has to teach all those Goth babies to smile and giggle and not take to wearing black nail polish and lipstick!

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