Last post from Bing~Bing Blog


Bing~Bing Blog was created as a travel blog to document our trip to China to meet and bring home Snowflake.  We’ve now been home two weeks and this Sunday we will have been a family for a month.  Wow – the changes we have all seen and felt!  Snowflake has come so far and so have we, Bingmama and Bingbaba.  We’ve been figuring each other out and learning as we go.  We feel extremely lucky, as Snowflake is a great match for us.  She’s laid back, yet has a great sense of humor.  Her temperament fits us well. 

As far as adjustment after return home, I’d say the first week was rough.  Snowflake had a cold and an ear infection and her days had turned to nights.  Hubs also had a cold.  We had a hard time with jet lag, mostly because we had to take it at Snowflake’s pace and we weren’t able to get outside as much as we would have liked due to her being sick.  Still, I’d say by the end of the first week we turned the corner and had the baby we met in China back.  It’s now been two weeks and things are good.

Don’t worry, I’m not going far.  Many of you know how to find me around in real life or  cyberspace.  You haven’t heard the last of Bing~Bing.


2 Responses

  1. She’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your journey to find her with us!

  2. I hope that you’ll keep me posted on how to stay in touch. Big love to you guys. BingBing looks beautiful and her eyes shine with happiness.

    Happy Holidays to you. XO

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