Do you think…?

… this could be Snowflake? 


I was looking at the website for her orphanage last night and found this picture, which was taken on July 5th.  She’s taking a bath.  I saw these baths during my tour.  They are quite fascinating.  Anyway, this child’s right eye looks slightly smaller than the left and has that mildly bruised look underneath, like Snowflake’s.  If it is Snowflake, this picture would have been taken not long before our referral picture posted at the upper right of the blog, so they are good for comparison.  She would be 5 months old.  What do you think?


22 Responses

  1. I think it’s her. That’s totally cool that you found this!

  2. I think it’s her! Besides the eye, it looks like the same hairline, same eyebrows, same shape to chin & cheeks. How cool!!

  3. I really think it is her…definitely!!!!! Was her eye injured?

  4. I think China should have an issue with the fact it looks like they are strangling children there.

  5. I think it is her. Cool stuff!

    Keep smilin!

  6. I also think it’s her for all the same reasons that J does: hairline, chin, ears. Good detective work!

  7. I totally think that it is her. Right down to her cute little eyebrows. 🙂

  8. Looks like snowflake to me! How great that you found this.

  9. sure looks like her to me!! Cool.

  10. Yep look at that hairline. She is just too darn cute. Everytime I see flurries I think of snowflake.

  11. I think its her too. How cool to have an extra picture! She’s so cute!

  12. I would say it’s either her or she has an identical twin!! Interesting way to ‘float’ a baby, putting the tube around their neck. She seems to really be enjoying it all the same!

  13. Yep……. That’s her! I’m suprised she still likes baths!

  14. Completely Snowflake! It is her.

  15. I too think its her for all the same reasons… I’m wondering, does the belly button look the same in the picture as it does now?? Check the belly button. How cool is it that you found another ADORABLE picture of her at a young age. She’s just too cute.

  16. Absolutely, it’s Snowflake!

  17. I think it is your kid.

  18. It’s her
    look at the right ear.

  19. I agree it is snowflake. I always compare ears, noses and hairlines when I have found SWI pics of our girls. They use these same tubs at Fuling. It could be considered hydrotherapy.

  20. I think it is her!

  21. I think it could very easily be her.


  22. It’s gotta be Snowflake – comparing the hairline, eyebrows, ears, nose, and you get to check the bellybutton… even the shadow under her eye

    What a doll!!!

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