The ExerSaucer is a hit!


One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned is how funny she is.  Sometimes she just cracks up.  It’s really funny.  I was really excited in China when she looked to us initiating the laughs.  That was one of many turning points.  I should try to make a list of the many turning points I can think of. 


5 Responses

  1. What a sweetheart.
    Shrimpy loved his exerscaucer too.
    Look at her cute grin!

  2. oh yes, the international language of laughter. I remember Chloe’s first belly laugh with us in China, too. Glad Snowflake likes the saucer – she looks darling playing in it!

  3. Great fun!! Wish I was a baby again!

  4. She looks soo happy in these photos! What a cutie!

  5. Oh yes, make the list! I have been trying to do something similar, but get so caught up in the day to day stuff, that I have missed a lot — at least I am getting most of the milestones down if not the turning points.

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