“I don’t like your country”

Since arriving here, Snowflake has been subjected to a cold, ear infection, nasty medication forced down her throat 2-6 times per day, horrible restraints in the car rather than a seat with a view (Mommy or Daddy’s lap), doctors’ visits where she has to be stripped for weighing, dry skin, night turned to day and day to night, and COLD weather.  The only constant in her life is us and she’s only known us for 2 1/2 weeks.  We sure do expect a lot of these little ones.

Still, she’s adjusting well overall.  We went out to the mall today to get some better cold weather wear.  She met her great grandmother and great aunt who work there.  They were thrilled.  Hubs was up with Snowflake, who insisted it was playtime, from 1-4:00 AM.  I got her to sleep by about 4:30.  We kept her awake much of today, except for a 2-hour nap this afternoon – Mom and Dad were desperate.  Let’s hope for more sleep for all tonight.  The pediatrician’s report was good today.  She gained 3 ounces since Saturday, even though her appetite has been way down.  Awesome.  Hubs and I have lost quite a few pounds each.  Awesome.  Onward. 


4 Responses

  1. Wow, what you are doing is incredible and wonderful.

    As a new Mom I was also hyper-aware of every sound my baby made in his sleep. Eventually you get to the place where your body has learned what’s important and what’s not but in the meantime…the adrenalin really rushes, doesn’t it?

    If it’s not too froward for a stranger to make a suggestion…I actually say this to everyone who has a sick baby…An evaluation by a chiropractor trained especially for infants and children is a really good step to include in the health cycle. Because of all the nerves that run through the spine, all sorts of surprising health dilemmas can arise (or be exacerbated) from a mis-adjusted back…and many babies are born with a subluxation because of the violence of the birthing process. For nearly a year now I’ve used a chiropractor with my own 15-month old whenever he’s sick or extra fussy and he almost always sleeps, eats, and interacts better afterwards.

    Good luck with your precious new child! Your blog is very enlightening and interesting, btw.

  2. About Snowflakes newly gained weight……….. has she been eating her prunes? Do I want to ask this? LOL! Maybe I don’t want an answer!

  3. Good stuff! Hope sleep comes soon.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Wishing you better success with getting her clock back on schedule. Did Snowflake enjoy her first American snowflakes today?

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