Turning the corner

Although fussy this morning, Snowflake seems to have turned the corner by this afternoon.  She had a bit of a bottle (her appetite is low), some Tylenol, a nice poop, then her Granny arrived for her first visit.  Surprisingly, she got a smile from Snowflake and many more while she was here.  She got grins, giggles, and kicks galore.  She’s still coughing, but it’s not so dry and probably not so painful. 

Snowflake squirms for Granny

Snowflake takes to the playpen which means…

… Mommy and Daddy get to eat supper at the same time!!!


7 Responses

  1. Yeah! What a sweetie pie in purple.

    Welcome home!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Oh my goodness, Snowflake is just so stinkin’ CUTE!!!! I cannot wait until next weekend when we can finally meet her! I love how she is just chillin’ w/Granny….oh I need to hold her, Snowflake, that is. She looks so, so, well, there’s just no other words than she is just so stinkin’ CUTE!!!!

  3. Hey Kiddo! (Beware of half heads of lettuce! j/k only Cavatica will get that one anyway!)
    Everything looks so normal now…….. like before your house was on pause and now it’s on play…… We need the family picture of Mom, Dad, Snowflake, Nicky, and Reba!

  4. Hello there!!
    Lots of nasty coughs around at the moment.We’ve all had them.Hope Snowflake is feeling better soon.As a Mum you never stop worrying and with our three boys..I worry about each one and I guess when our daughter arrives(eventually)I’ll be worrying about four kids!
    Thats part of being a Mum,sleepless nights worrying !! Normally hubby is snoring and I wish I could be a bloke sometimes!
    Loved all the photos and have moved you on my links page..to baby at home!!
    What a journey and I hope you will be with us on ours!
    I started a wordpress account..thats why it shows rosyposy..but my blog is still http://www.sophialotusflower.blogspot.com
    I think snowflake will be at College by the time our daughter enters our family!!!

  5. Glad to hear that she’s starting to feel a better. That must be a huge relief to you and the Mister. Pretty soon, she’ll be able to get out and enjoy this lovely regional weather we’re having- that is, if you can strap her onto something so she doesn’t blow away!

  6. I am glad you are home. You were missed. I love this kid! she is beautiful!

  7. poor baby,
    I’m glad she’s doing a bit better

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