Weird mothering thing…

… that I’m sure is obvious to other mothers, but my first experience…

First, I’m having trouble sleeping because of the sound of her cough.

Then, I can’t sleep because she stopped coughing and I’m thinking, “oh my gosh, she stopped coughing.  What’s wrong with her!”

Jeez Louise.

We called in a set of grandparents for reinforcement today so we could get some sleep.  Snowflake was up most of the night coughing, wheezing, and fussing.  I spent the first part of the night with her, Hubs the next half.  She’s resting better now and maybe will sleep through the night, but she’s slept a fair amount today so who knows?  Besides, she may still think it’s 7:00 AM tomorrow morning.


4 Responses

  1. It’s okay……… only about 18 years now until she goes away to college and you can get a good night’s sleep….. maybe.
    I’m going to start referring people to your blog now when they ask why I never had any kids and never adopted either. I think the next few months will prove my points better than I ever would have been able to say them myself and heaven knows that you’re far more patient than I can ever hope to be!

  2. Anxiety… the gateway to real mothering! In other words, it’s all good. I hope that Snowflake is feeling better.

  3. Oh ya . the ‘ why aren’t they sleeping’ I wish they would sleep. Would segway into “why are they so quiet?!’

  4. I am totally the same way. We haven’t had any coughing or wheezing around here, but for me it’s heavy breathing or moaning or crying out. I’m glad Snowflake is feeling better.

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