Addition to “Noses, toes, & frontal lobes

I’ve discovered that some posts or parts of posts didn’t make it through to Mrs. Pushy, so while I’m wide awake and Snowflake is blissfully asleep, I’m going to make some China additions.  Here’s the first, which will make the title make a lot more sense.  This was written on November 19 – one of the early posts after getting Snowflake.

We’ve been teaching Snowflake about life – noses, toes, and frontal lobes.  Also, opposable thumbs, which right now she finds most handy for sucking or sticking in her ear.  We’ve been explaining the future virtues – playing the violin, writing with a pen or pencil, painting, eating with utensils (including chopsticks, of course), and all sorts of handy things.  She listens with great interest, while her thumb is in her ear, right by her temporal lobe.


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  1. Weird how that happened. I was starting to get worried towards the end of your trip, as there was no posting at all for about 3 days. I just figured that some sort of massive fatigue had overcome all of you, and you were enjoying your free time sleeping. Now I see that you have found it (the next blog entry you have posted). I’m going to keep reading- see you at the next post!

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