First Day On Shamian Island

So, after yesterday’s post with too much information about poop, I now give you the glorious, green, glop, of glee.  Don’t worry — it’s cereal and she loves it!  We bought a vegetable cereal, on recommendation of another parent, and she eats it like a little piglet.  Truely.  She snorts and grunts and squeals with glee.  It’s disgusting looking and smelling stuff, but who am I to say?  We took video and still photos.  Take a look.

We took a tour of parts of Guangzhou, including a Buddhist temple.  We hoped to get a blessing by the monks, but there was a special ceremony going on, which we observed.  There was much chanting and praying – standing, kneeling – and incense, not unlike some Christian churches, I thought.  Just different icons in front.  It was quite lovely and we swayed to the chant.  After there was a ceremony surronding live animals in coolers – fish, turtles, snakes, and the like.  There were also small birds in little cages.  Our guide explained that they were purchased at the market and would be set free.  I asked if the monks are vegitarians and she said yes.  We watched as they blessed the animals, but we missed the freedom.  It would have been neat to see the birds go free. 

We also have wandered around Shamian Island.  It’s interesting here — adoptive families everywhere with stories to tell.  Then there’s the shops and the shop-keepers – “pretty baby,” which means, “buy from me!” 

Snowflake appears to be bonding more each day.  She looks for us more and seems more secure.  She’s also growing physically stronger.  We got a stroller, on loan, today, as our backs need it.  I like carrying her for attachment, but we just need it.  Still, we find we can make much eye contact and she looks for us, which is awesome.  She seeks us out for silly looks, initiating it instead of us doing that.  Fun, fun, fun.



3 Responses

  1. Glad to see your trip to the island went smoothly. Very cute photo of the three of you~

  2. Snowflake just gets cuter and cuter with every picture that I see of her!!
    We were at Shaiman Island for our entire trip. Great experience there! It amazed us how many shop owners spoke English. We did get some great deals on things!

  3. ah, the vegetable cereal! Chloe loved that, too & I have fond memories of ‘suiting up’ for a feeding!

    enjoy Shamian Island — it’s certainly a culture of it’s own, isn’t it!

    I’m so glad you are all doing well & little Snowflake is bonding with you. Everyone looks happy.

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