Zoo, Massage, and Dinner With My Girl

Today we went to the Chongqing Zoo, which has 6 giant pandas.  I took lots of videos of the animals there, but not much of Snowflake because she slept in the Hip Hammock the whole time. This afternoon I took a mommy-break with 6 other women in the group.  We went out for massages.  Oh My Gosh!  Amazing!  One and a half hours with tea and fruit for 70 yuan, including tip.  That’s under $10.00, people!!! 

Then I came back to the room to give Daddy a break, who apparently needed it.  He decided to say no to dinner and take a nap, as he’s getting a cold.  So Snowflake and I braved it alone – with another couple and their daugher, one of Snowflake’s orphanage sisters.  We went to a Chinese place where they don’t speak any English and did our best.  Simon, the dad, managed to order, using an English-Chinese guide Marie had given us, plus the little Mandarin he knows.  He did well, except for one dish too hot for all of us.  Not all of us are up to the spicy Szechwan food.  Up until now she’s only had formula and a few Cheerios and some egg custard.  Well, tonight was the night for adventure!  She started with a little chicken and gingery broth from the soup.  Next, she tried the inside of a dumpling with veggies, including scallions.  Then fish balls.  She loved it all.  I wish I had my camera, as I’d love a picture of my feeding her with chopsticks.  Maybe tomorrow. 
Tomorrow we’re going to Old Town Chongqing where we can find traditional clothing for the babies and us.  Plus other tradional Chinese arts.  We asked Marie if she could arrange a Thanksgiving-like meal for us, so tomorrow we’re going out for duck at a restaurant near the river.  Should be a wonderful day with much to give thanks for.  Several years ago, Thanksgiving became my most meaningful holiday.  Now it is again.  I’ll plan a family picture for you then to celebrate.



12 Responses

  1. Thanks alot for sending the pictures, and I’m glad it’s all working out for you guys. Snow flake looks really cute. Larry

    What an adventure you are having! The pictures are great, and Snowflake looks like she’s perfectly content to be yours! Have a nice Thanksgiving! Anne

  2. Happy TGiving, guys! And, that sounds like a very appropriate TGiving meal – complete with Fish Balls! You go, Snowflake!

  3. I hope you had a nice trip. Katie’s a cutie!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope Pickle’s Pop is feeling better~

  5. I think it’s cool. She’s cute! Taiwan – I like that! The hotel is decent! Rich is sleepin’ all the time! make him wake up! Eat some McDonald’s for me! Stew

    Dear Maggie and Rich,
    I can tell from the pictures that you two feel blessed. I can also tell that at first Bing Bing was a little hesitant, but now is starting to feel quite at home with you two. I will keep you, Rich, and Bing Bing in my prayers, for God’s will and blessings. I am sure He is already going to bless you for adopting Bing Bing with love. I wish you guys a safe trip home and hope to see the three of you soon. Brian

    P.S. Eat some Chinese food for me.

    What more can I say – keep having a wonderful time! Anne

  6. The thought of duck makes my mouth water. I haven’t had it n a very long time. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We both have lots to be thankful for this year.

  7. Happy, Happy, Joyous Thanksgiving!
    Sounds like Baba will be busy cooking lots of goodies for Snowflake when you all get home. Think she’ll like pickles??
    Have a ducky day! (sorry, it just slipped out!)

  8. I had lunch with my girls at a certain noodle restaurant today. I thought back to the time you and I ate there and talked about your kidlet-to-be. I am so happy you are in China now with her. Lets have a Mom and daughter lunch date when you get home.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Awwwwwww…Little Snowflake is just so adorable. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift. Surely the best gift arriving just in time for Christmas as well.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Hi. Until this a.m. I forgot I could reply, so came down and did so, but didn’t know how to send it. Now I know, so you’ll get this. It looks as if Snowflake is adjusting very well, is a good sleeper and eater! This will make it easier for you all when you’re both back working. She seems to be adjusting to you very well–apparently trust isn’t even an issue! Wonderful! Hope you’re all well–cold-free–for return flight. This is fun for us–not just for you–to have an update every day on your family of three! I have her photo (she’s doing push-ups) and Chinese name on our door. K.P. is coming tomorrow with pics of China–a preview of what you’ll show us. Brian is here, we had dinner at Homestead, but Jean not well, so I took her dinner up. This is a great Thanksgiving! Much love to all.Mom

  11. Hello all, It’s great to see your pix and read about your travels. I’d be envious, but to some extent I’m a participant as I’m following along in real time. I can’t wait to meet my new niece in person. This is a Thanksgiving for the record book. I hope you got to have your duck. Maybe next year we can all have duck for Thanksgiving!

  12. My brother is living in Beijing for 3 mos., and he and his fiancee did the same thing — duck for Thanksgiving! His Chinese coworker introduced them to the Chinese rice liquor (can’t remember the name) at the dinner, and he had a little too good a time!

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