The Park

After another great night, but a very fussy morning, we decided to take a walk in the park across from the hotel (see picture).  Our hotel is 33 stories high and we’re on the 29th floor.  It has an outside elevator, with a view, which we take often.  In the park we were stopped often.  First, by a little boy (elementary school age) and his mom.  I expect he wanted to practice his English, which was very good.  He asked questions about Snowflake.  We gave him one of our cards.  Later a woman, who spoke quite good English, told us she thought we were very kind to adopt an orphan.  Next, we were surrounded by a huge crowd.  We estimate 30 people.  No one spoke English.  One man questioned me over and over.  Finally, I said, “budong” (I don’t understand).  He and the others laughed, but he kept at it.  The a man behind him said, “budong!” and he stopped.  Everyone was very curious and we handed out a few cards and I took a picture, which seemed to amuse them.  We attract more attention than the others in our group because the others are all of Chinese descent.  While many don’t speak Chinese, they match their children and don’t stand out like we do.  We draw crowds, including the nanny-police because we can never dress Snowflake warmly enough.  Here they dress their children so they sweat and they need to be changed several times a day.  So, we get into “trouble” if any skin is exposed or if there’s a slight chill in the air and she’s not bundled to the nines. 

Snowflake is now napping, as I write in the dark.  She responds well to environmental cues for sleeping – lights out!  Hubs went to explore the area with a group.  This evening we’re going out for local food – hot pot, which will be a nice change from the hotel buffet and McDonald’s, which is all we’ve had, both for convenience, which is what it’s all about.  By the way, my burger’s special sauce was spicy (Chongqing, you know) and it had cucumbers on it!  Not bad.  The fries were typical American!  Sadly, no iced coffee, my crack.  We haven’t made it to Starbucks yet, which is really the only American food I’m interested in.  The have speghetti at the buffet, but I can’t touch it with the tomato sauce, but I noticed our guide, Marie, eats it. 

Speaking of our guides – EXCELLENT!  I can’t say anything better about them.  Our Hong Kong guide, Matthew, has been working for CCAI since group #100.  Marie has been with them since group #15.  Both are very professional, knowing the ins and outs of all things adoption (beauracracy, formula, medicine, bonding and attachment, food service, toilet paper, diapers, airports, passports, visas…).  I haven’t had a question yet they couldn’t help with – and fast. 

Snowflake is bonding more each day.  Ha – one day after Gotcha and listen to me.  But today we’re getting more smiles and laughs.  She reached for me when Hubs was handing her off – big thrill to be sure.  Yet, she’s fussier today than yesterday.  She has a cold.  The guides (Marie and her assistant) got us cold medicine and we took it to be polite, but we aren’t giving it with what they’re saying in the U.S. about that now.  A woman in the group has some homeopathic stuff for colds, which has Vitamin C for babies, and we’re using that.  Her sister-in-law is a homeopathic doctor.  Mom, I think it’s the same as those “onset of cold pills” we used to take.  Maybe they’ll help.  Anyway, she’s fine.  Many of the babies came with colds and we’re all sharing what we have.  Another is very constipated and we gave away prunes and suppositories.  The mom seems embarrassed not to have thought of this.  I’m happy we can all help each other and I hope her little one poops soon! 

Anyway, that’s the story and I’m sticking to it.



8 Responses

  1. That card is really coming in handy! A crowd of 30 people would have freaked me out somewhat. It’s very nice that you are now getting some time to explore a little bit. As for the Nanny Police, pfffffttt! Yesterday, we got our first snowfall that stuck for ~24 hours. I sure that Snowflake would have felt right at ‘home’, regardless of how many layers she was wearing.

  2. Looks like a great day. I want more close-ups of you three!

  3. They’re probably looking at Hubs and saying, “Why is White Man in shorts?!”

    Hope you enjoy Hot Pot. Remember to take Tums afterwards!

  4. Sounds great! That elevator is very neat.

    Enjoy your time.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Your baby looks great! Looks like you are having a great time. What is that bush (in the picture with Hubs) supposed to be? Jesse

    I look forward each day to seeing more pictures and hearning more stories from China! I am so glad that Snowflake is doing well and attaching to you so readily. Keep us posted! Anne

  6. It is so like my brother to be the White Man In Shorts when everyone else is bundled up! And where’s the first family photo of all 3 of you??

  7. No iced coffee at McD’s? I’m sure you’re bummed…but hot sauce on the burger, now that is a nice twist.

    Glad to hear that Snowflake is getting some rest & that youre all bonding. That is lovely to hear. XO

  8. Wonderful,just fantastic.I can’t believe you are there with darling all seems so surreal to me after these years and the old forum days.
    All the best from Rosie in the UK.

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