Three pics for you.  She’s still doing well. No major crying since last night. She’s been eating well and even gets a little giggly on occasion.



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  1. She’s just beautiful! It’s so wonderful to see you all together. You are officially parents- I can see that you both have crying and booger stains on your shoulders, and you couldn’t look any happier!

  2. Congratulations! She’s adorable – love the pacifier study pic.

  3. Look who it is! This is awesome to see her in your arms. Yippee. Have fun, parents!!!

  4. So wonderful to see you and her together. Looks natural and just lovely.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Giggles are good! Glad things are going well. Thanks for the pictures, she’s adorable.

  6. She’s gorgeous, congratulations!

  7. Looks like this is what she’s been waiting for. Hope things continue to go this well!

  8. Oh, wow, look at y’all!!! Congratulations!!!

  9. she is gorgeous!!!

  10. One very happy family! Congratulations! It is a great day in the Lounge.

  11. My Cuz, Cuzband, and Cuzlet – Wow, it’s so great to SEE the family!!!!!!!!

  12. Awww, she is just so sweet! You all look happy!

  13. Love the pictures, she’s just too cute & Hubs, we haven’t seen that “super smile” since…your wedding? The picture of Hubs w/Snowflake says it all…Hubs is offically a Daddy!!!

  14. Snowflake is just too darn cute!!! I just wanna give her a hug and kiss!!!

  15. Oh WoW!!!! Katie Bing-Bing is just the doll I knew she would be! You guys look amazing as a family. I am so glad that the initial transition was relatively smooth and that the bath did the trick! Yay Mama and Baba!!!

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