Chri$tma$ is here!

‘Tis the season to SPEND!!!  Yes, go to the mall where you will find Christmas trees, tinsel, and tackiness gallore.  Go, go, go!  Nevermind that Halloween has just passed and this glory has already been assaulting us for weeks.  Nevermind that November 11 is Veterans Day, a solemn day to remember those who sacrifice so that we may SPEND.  Nevermind that we haven’t even had Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for our families and friends.  No, don’t think of these days.   They aren’t important, as they aren’t about SPENDING.  No, think of Christmas!  Think of plastic toy junk that will cause glorious tantrums on Christmas morning.  Don’t think of Jews or Muslims or agnostics or Buddhists or Taoists or atheists or Hindus.  Think of Christians and toys and diamonds wrapped in tinsel and swaddling clothes!  Praise Jesus and vomit it all up on December 25.  Thanks be to $G$O$D$.


8 Responses

  1. LMFAO!!!!

  2. Isn’t is depressing? Good grief, you just roll from holiday to holiday, except it has nothing to to with holidays, it’s all about bucks!!!

  3. Halleluia!! My husband said to daughter this weekend who is fascinated and drawn by all things Christmas: “you are not allowed to talk to me about Christmas until after Thanksgiving!”

  4. I am so with you. And, as Two Kayaks said..amen.

  5. We lost electricity the other night. No computer or tv but I had radio and flash lights and candles……. all that would come in on the radio was Christmas music. I turned it off and went to bed.
    I’m not a Bah-Humbug kind-o-gal but BAN CHRISTMAS!

  6. This probably isn’t the time to tell you that Grandma requested our Christmas lists by Thanksgiving. LOL!!

  7. Agreed! I’m much happier just spending the day with my whole family.

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