With the help of our friend and laoshi (teacher), we are making these cards to give people in China explaining what we are doing there. The other side will have our picture, email addresses, and a translation of this side:

We are here to adopt our daughter, Jiang Xue Bing. She was born in Chongqing City, Dianjiang County. 

Baba Jiang Rui Ze

Mama Jiang Mei Jie

Speaking of names, the Hubs and I were given Chinese names by our first Chinese teacher.  The last name he gave us is Han.  We have decided to change it to Jiang to match Snowflake.  Since she will be taking our American surname we decided we want to take her Chinese surname.  Now we are the Jiangs.  The Hubs is Rui Ze (Lucky Lake) and I am Mei Jie (Beautiful Eyelashes).  Jiang means River.


5 Responses

  1. what a great idea.
    miss detail

  2. How about sexy momma?

  3. Love the beautiful eyelashes. That is so fun. When the person reading the card looks at you – you can bat your eyes at them in full 1920’s style. Cute.

  4. Hey, Lauren is a Jiang, too!

  5. I am not very good at following everyone’s blog. I’ve noticed a couple of times you have private medical stuff on blog and I heard that there was some stuff going on in that regard. I’m hoping that everything is ok. Send me a password if you don’t mind. I’m thinking good thoughts and sending you positive energy!

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