Trekking over China

My swims:

  • Monday, October 29 ~ 20 laps
  • Wednesday, October 31 ~ 20 laps
  • Friday, November 2 ~ 20 laps
  • My weekly total ~ 60 China Miles
  • My grand total ~ 210 China Miles

There are now two other “Trekking over China” participants ~ April and Phoenix.  April is local mom with five kids.  Three bio-kids and two Chinese, adopted kids.  One is home, the other is waiting for them in China, like our Snowflake.  I’ve known Phoenix since the late 1980s when I lived in Rhode Island.  Neither of us live there anymore, but we keep in touch and she’s been following the journey to Snowflake closely.  Both understand the rules and want to log in China Miles.  April has some miles to log in now and Phoenix is just starting to log. 

April’s Miles:

  • 60 total over two weeks

GRAND TOTAL ~ 270 China Miles, only 2730 to go.


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