Important places

Snowflake is living in Chongqing Province at the Dianjiang Social Welfare Institute in Dianjiang County, which is about 60 miles from Chongqing City. 

After we fly to Hong Kong and meet most of our travel group, we will fly to Chongqing City where we will spend the first week of our trip.  We will meet Snowflake soon after we arrive in Chongqing and she will remain with us from “Gotcha Day” on.  After about a week of bonding and handling the Chinese part of the adoption, we’ll fly to Guangzhou in Guangdong Province (formally Canton).  There we will formalize the U.S. part of the adoption, as that’s where the U.S. Consulate is.  Because of the paperwork that’s already been completed and because both of us will be going to China, Snowflake will be a U.S. citizen as soon as she touches U.S. soil.  I’ll post our complete itinerary as soon as I have it.


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  1. That is so nice. When we adopted Sugarlips, we had to file for her certificate of citizenship…an extra sum of money plus a large, scary packet to fill out. I’m glad you don’t have to do that anymore!

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