Pink & Blue

People have actually studied this stuff and some believe that male and female preferences for blue and pink are more than just taught.  Rather, they have been ingrained through evolution.  Imagine you are a woman of the old African savannah.  You are a gatherer.  You and your children are more likely to survive if you easily spot ripe berries and other fruits.  They are red.  Now, imagine you are a man of the old African savannah.  You are a hunter.  You and your children are more likely to survive if you are attuned to the weather – sky and water, both blue.  Heh.  Pink for girls and blue for boys.  The message is clear — we are all descended from these early pink and blue survivalists. 

Ooops, not so clear…  Before the 1920s, children only wore white and both boys and girls wore dresses.  No gender imbalance for our babies then.  However in the 20s, children began wearing colored clothes and until the 1940s, boys wore pink and girls wore blue.  Then in the 40s, the style switched and we are living in this modern era today.  Pink for girls and blue for boys.

What does this say about me?  I like red and blue.  Red in winter and blue in summer.  Pink?  I’m not really into pastels.  Pink is just a weak red to me, although hot pink is okay.  What does it really say???  Wear what you damn well please!  If, someday, Snowflake chooses a heavily pink wardrobe, she shall have it.  But it will be her choice.  For now, I’m looking forward to seeing her in bright colors, however, ironically we received a gift of a little outfit that’s absolutely adorable and it’s PINK!  I’m not anti-pink.  Just anti-all-pink. 

Ps.  I like blueberries and strawberries.


2 Responses

  1. Funny you bring this up. I am not anti-pink either, but have always tried to add a lot of color to M’s wardrobe without being bombarded by the whole pink/blue marketing attack. I really thought I was doing pretty well, until this summer I opened her closet door one day and discovered that even though she had many colors it seemed pink was a theme throughout–maybe I just couldn’t find anything else, I don’t know.

    I look now and the winter apparel and see that even her browns have pink, her blues have pink, and the other related color this season seems to be purple (not my fav). I just buy what I think is cute or functional–her winter coat/overalls are navy blue.

    Like you I just pick what I like and try to add a lot of color.

  2. Blue is my favorite color and I just don’t care for pink. But that might be because the bedroom I grew up in was pepto bismol pink.

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