Bargaining advice

My cousins, K~ & B~,  are going to China TOMORROW!!!  This has been planned for a long time.  They are going on the Three River Gorges Cruise and seeing various other sites.  They’ll be seeing a lot more of China than we do.  Ironically, they’ll be spitting distance to Snowflake during part of the trip.  My cuz’ K~, has been reading lots of China adoption blogs over the past many months, out of excitement for Snowflake’s coming and to get travel tips for her trip.  Sometimes, I think she knows more about this than I do.  🙂

Here’s one tip she shared with me on bargaining.  Often the prices in China are great, but one look at us (rich Americans) and the price goes up.  The haggle formula goes like this:  divide the asking price by 3 and subtract 20 yuan.  She’ll let me know how it goes when she gets back.

Cuz’ and Cuz’,  Have a fabulous trip… and don’t forget to wave to Snowflake!!!


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  1. I hope they have a wonderful trip! I want to hear all about their travel insight when they come home.

    Keep smilin!

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