… yup, that’s me!  I looked more closely at one of the sleepers I bought the other day and look…

Blazened right across that cute little chest “I LOVE YOU!”

Quick rationalization… it’s me telling her I love her OR she loves the teddy bears on the sleeper.  I fell for this little thing because it has teddy bear feet complete with little ears.  I don’t think I even looked at the words.  Why do kids’ clothes all have words on them anyway???


4 Responses

  1. I agree — all the words are annoying!

  2. It’ll be so much worse when you start singing, “I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family………”

    Yes, you will find yourself humming this in the most public of places and only when Snowflake is not with you having people believe that you watch this show by choice!

  3. Phoenix ~
    It’s already begun… I’ve been practicing the first two lines in Chinese. What show is that from??? Something awful, I’m sure.

  4. Right there with you on the clothes with words. Some (very few) are cute, but most are just gross and annoying. I am also a big hater of character clothing. Hate it!

    **that’s the Barney theme song, ladies

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