Don’t label me!

I realized yesterday while shopping for clothes for Snowflake that I have a pet peeve regarding baby clothes.  Actually, it is only in regards to Snowflake.  I’m looking at all these adorable (aka “stinkin’ cute) clothes and I see the stuff that says things like:

“I love my mommy”

“Daddy’s little princess”

“Cutie Pie”

I don’t want clothing for Snowflake that indicates what I think she thinks or labels her in anyway.  I hope she will love me, but I don’t want to tell her to.  I also want her to define herself.  She can form and accept her own labels.  I won’t do it for her.


8 Responses

  1. The “princess” thing especially bugs me. My daughter will not have any “princess” tshirts, nor will we ever refer to her as “our China princess” or anything like that. Gag!

    But B does have a black tshirt with a design that looks like a tattoo with a heart in the middle saying “Mom.” I have to admit I bought it for him, but he decided on his own it’s his favorite shirt. Melts my heart!

  2. Right on! I too cannot stand that princess crap; there will be none of that in our home. We started out M early, she can be the Queen and she will let you know she is, not a girl with no rights and only valued by her outer appearance.

  3. I think a more appropriate shirt may be, “Right now I’m an angel but just wait 12 years!”

    Marketing attempts to appeal to as many different populations they can…….. many people whomay feel insecure about having a child need their children’s teeshirts to do their advertising for them!

  4. I don’t really object to these clothes in general. I just don’t want them for Snowflake. I don’t mind them on other kids. It’s a very personal thing and probably just an extreme expression of my desire not to tell her how to think. Later, she may choose to be a queen or tell me she loves me (I hope!), but that will be about her.

  5. Don’t worry–the “I LOVE you day will come and you will melt inside more and more. Cherish those moments because it seems they lose those words for their parents in their teens and only when adulthood comes do they find them again. lol

    M loves to be a queen right now–she thinks it means she is boss! lol

  6. I can’t help being drawn to some of those shirts. What I really can’t stand is baby advertising. I don’t want my baby to be a walking advertisement for Gap or Old Navy. My goal is to have a logoless wardrobe for her.

  7. No, NO, NO!!! You’re missing the point. These are the shirts you need.

    Sleeps Though the Night
    Potty Trained Early
    Always Eats Veggies
    Never Argues
    Not A Puker
    Never Pull Cat Tails

    I say label away, my friend, label away!

  8. I saw one on a kid once that said “I eat dirt.” I’ve been looking for it ever since w/no luck.

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