So cute

Snowflake’s coat looks big on Boomer, who was quite happy to model it. 

 But here another coat looks so teeny!

So, I’m doing Snowflake’s laundry and I’m astounded by how little everything is.  I mean, I know this should be obvious, but I was just amazed by how many clothes I was able to wash in one load.  And I think most of this stuff will be too big for her.  It’s all so stinkin’ cute!


3 Responses

  1. Those are adorable coats!

    Keep smilin!

  2. You know, I HATE to do laundry in general, but I really love doing B’s. All those little clothes are just fun to hold & fold. Don’t even get me started on little girl clothes…

  3. Sounds very familiar! The onesies and the sleepers especially get me. The red coat is adorable! Oh, it’s all adorable!

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