What’s next?

We had our first travel group conference call on Wednesday and got quite a bit of information.  The first thing we are waiting for is our Travel Approval (TA) from CCAA.  This is a formal invitation to come to China to adopt Snowflake.  That can come anywhere from 2-5 weeks after Match Day, which was October 2.  Once we have Travel Approval, CCAI (our adoption agency) will request an appointment with the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou.  When they get that, our travel arrangements will be made, as everything works around that.  The Consulate appointment is at the very end of the trip.

In the mean time, we are getting the house ready, we are lining up a house-pet sitter for the kitties, thinking about packing, preparing our paperwork, looking into flights to our port city (probably Hong Kong), getting excited, going mildly insane, and blogging. 


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