What is Snowflake doing NOW?

It’s 8:50 AM Saturday morning and I think she’s wrestling with her buddy, Ling-Ling.  How do you think she got that bruised eye anyway?  You oughta see the other kid!  That congee sure is the breakfast of champions.   Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing some baby sign language DVDs so Snowflake can learn some more constructive things to do with those hands.

What time is it China when you’re reading this and what do you think Snowflake is doing now?  (China is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time.)


2 Responses

  1. It’s now 9:05 in China, PM of course. They have just finished wrestling and Snowflake is applying a meat compress to her face as her buddy Ling-Ling goes for round 2.

    Snowflake has brushed her aside and is now doing push ups and sit ups.

  2. That is so cute! I am always thinking what my baby is doing at the other side of the world. I am sure yours is doing very well with Ling-Ling.

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