Surprise!… plus

More pics! 

We had a very frustrating non-visit at the doctor for Snowflake today.  We made this appointment weeks ago to talk about appropriate over-the-counter medications to take to China for Snowflake.  As first time parents we need some guidance.  When we arrived we learned that the appointment had been cancelled last week.  Why, we don’t know.  We think it had something to do with us scheduling another appointment on short notice last week.  Maybe they thought we didn’t still want this one, but they never asked.  Anyway, the purpose for today’s visit was completely different.  A woman asked us what we came for and said she would ask the doctor if he would see us briefly.  We waited 45 minutes, at which point his nurse came out and told us that his recommendation was that we could take Baby Tylenol to China for Snowflake and beyond that we should check with our adoption agency.  We told them, “we did and they told them to talk to a doctor.  Now we’ll be going somewhere else.”  There is a pediatric practice nearby that I’ll be calling tomorrow.  Maybe it’s for the best, but I was so annoyed that I came home and washed dishes by hand!


8 Responses

  1. How rude! Check out the ped.

    Good luck! Keep smilin!

  2. She is prettier in each picture you get!

  3. Love the carrot pic! I would have been so pissed at having been left waiting so long – your patience and calm is impressive. Very good traits to hold as a parent. Good luck sorting this out. I wonder if you could fax/email pictures to an International Adoption Medical Clinic so a specialist could have a looksee. The Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA has a very reputable program & these pictures that I keep seeing come across very well on the computer.

    Just a thought, bud. XO

  4. PS – Sorry. The reason why I’d suggest this is b/c they are very experienced at looking at pictures. I’ve been amazed at what they can tease out….

  5. Yeah, good call on that ped. These are the cutest pictures yet! My god she is beautiful. I am in love!

  6. Such great pics! She is so adorable.

  7. Ok, enough is enough…its time for you to go, get her & bring her home because with all these pictures, this Aunt has completely fallen in love w/her & can’t wait to give her lots of hugs & kisses….she needs to come home! She is just too cute & her cousins cannot wait to meet her. As far as the ped, I’m glad that the true colors showed up now rather than later w/Snowflake.

  8. So cute! Great pictures! Sorry about Dr. Dickhead.

    Don’t forget suppositories, little tummies, ibuprofin (you and her), benadryl (in case you want to try drugging her for the flight home—test this first—-benadryl makes my kid MORE hyper), something for baby stuffy nose (drops or liquid) because you’re going to be taking her in and out of A/C most likely and she’s not used to that. That’s all Dr. Mom can think of at the moment. I did bring a dose of powdered antibiotics from our pediatrician, just in case, but we never used them. We took Sugarlips to a local doctor for her sore throat and they gave her some nice Chinese herbs to fix her right up. When in Rome, or China as it were….

    Don’t for get immodium or something like that for yourselves….I need not explain that one! I was also glad I brought myself cough drops (Chinese ones are gnarly) because I wasn’t used to going in and out of A/C and ended up with a big sore throat. It won’t be as hot while your there, maybe not hot at all, so this may not be a big issue.

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