Durian Fruit

I couldn’t be part of the blessed event of the opening of the fruit, as I was busy preparing Snowflake’s care package.  Since this was Hubs’ project he took care of things, complete with pics.  He asked if I wanted to come try it.  “Sure,” I said, “when I finish here.”  A few minutes later, there was an urgency in his voice.  “You gotta come now.  It’s getting stinkier!”  And so it was.  I came down, smelling as I went.  Peeeeee-eeeeew! 

The outside is kind of cool looking.  Spiny and hard.  It’s also very heavy.  Apparently they are quite hazardous when ripe and falling from trees.  You know it’s ripe when it starts to split, which it was doing tonight.

The inside of the “shell” is smooth and it broke into fifths. 

Now the fruit is truly bizarre looking and I had a sudden fear of it.  Now, I knew it’s reputation, so this was understandable, but it was a little scary looking.  Like dead-something or organs.  And with the smell?  Well — the idea of tasting the thing was frightening.  But it travelled so far — all the way from China (it was frozen when we bought it).  I felt committed.  The taste, we decided, needs to be acquired.  If you’re raised eating it, it’s probably quite nice.  For us, not so much.  Out to the trash it went immediately.  Luckily tomorrow is trash day.  I hope we don’t cause horror, fear, and nausea among our trash collectors.

To the durian fruit, I say “just say no.”


11 Responses

  1. That is scary!!!

    Keep smilin!

  2. That’s just another on to add to my “do not eat” list.
    -decomposed shark meat
    -Durian Fruit
    -anything with eyes looking at me

  3. oops…. no edit key!
    decomposed shark meat i.e. hakarl

  4. This really made me laugh…..
    I say “NO” to durian fruit, too!

  5. Good for you two for trying it – I’m impressed! There are some ladies at my office that would kill for what is sitting outside for your dumptruck.

  6. Ew! I tried it in the form of vegan raw ‘cheese’cake and it left such a funky aftertaste I can still imagine it. You were brave to try it undiluted!

  7. What’s it smell like? Description please? It looks like dehydrated innards. What’s it good for? It must cure something if it smells and tastes like that but people still eat it.

  8. The smell is hard to describe. There is a little bit of stinky sock to it, plus a little bit of stinky cheese, but it’s both more subtle and more complex than that. I wouldn’t say that it smelled terrible or even particularly bad, mostly just different. Same goes for the taste too. Just like stinky cheese. I love cheese (even stinky ones) so I can understand why some people would find it offensive, yet others are not bothered or even find it pleasant.

    The smell wasn’t very strong before I opened it up, then it started to build. I didn’t need the knife to open it, I could pull it open along the seams between the sections. I couldn’t tell it had sections until it started to split open. The pulp surronds the seeds in cavities between the sections of the rind. The pulp has a creamy texture almost like sour cream, but with some fibers in it. The taste is as hard to describe as the smell. I caught different flavors each time I tasted some.

    This was a smallish Durian of about 4 lbs. I’ve read that they can get up to 7 lbs. It’s spikes are so pointy and sharp that it is painful to hold. Imagine a spikey 7 lb. fruit falling from a tree that grows 80-165 ft high! Dangerous!

    All in all, I’d say that neither the smell or the taste lived up to the hype. Some varieties are eaten before they start to split open, so maybe this was one of them. It was also frozen when I bought it. Guess I’ll have to try a fresh one in China if I get the chance.

  9. Don’t feel bad, Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern couldn’t do it either and damn! they will eat just about anything! We say them at the Asian market and I offered one up to Jeff; it was a pass for him too! btw–so was the Belut–hope I spelled that correctly.

    Nice try though!

  10. Well, I give you credit for trying. I think I’ll pass if I ever come across one…

  11. Thanks for the pictures…I’ve always wondered….

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