Shopping & listing

Yesterday I went to Babies R Us (does anyone else hate that name?), checked on our registry, which is ancient, and bought a bunch of things we want specifically for our trip.  I also went to the evil Wal-Mart (please don’t hate me, but BRU said something they didn’t have would be there – it wasn’t).  Can anyone tell me where to find small, scented bags for throwing out diapers in our hotel room in China so we don’t stink up our room until housekeeping comes???

Next, the listing.  I’ve had a list going, collecting what I like from lists I read on others’ blogs.  Now I’m purchasing from the list and adding to it.  The Hubs is nervous.  We want to travel light.  Yet, there’s some things we just gotta have.  We are getting our baby afterall!

Also, I’m working on a care package: a disposable camera asking for pictures of The Kidlet (better name to be announced soon), a small Taggie’s blankie that I’ve been sleeping with the get my scent on it (will be marked so it will be given to the Kidlet), plus several gifts for other children at the orphanage. 

Soon we are leaving for an afternoon in Chinatown.  I mentioned to our Chinese teacher and friend that I’ve always wanted Peking duck – ever since visiting Taiwan in 1984.  We were told, “you gotta have it,” but I didn’t.  So, we planned to go to Chinatown in the fall and today’s the day!  Pictures to come.


5 Responses

  1. You can buy one of those little ducks with bags in it at Target, I think they make “travel” ones too (they are red) and come with a string to attache to backpacks, diaper bags, etc. About the stinky diaper, just set the bag right outside your door, they will pick it right up, or you can run it down to the floor attendant…

  2. I get those disposable stink bags at dollar stores…… if you have a Dollar Tree they have all kinds of scented ones…… I use them for scooping doggie poop but same principle.

  3. I get the scented bags at walmart. But honestly, ziplocks work well and they seal up.

    I think we overpacked on some stuff and didn’t pack enough on other stuff.

  4. The scented bags are at Target–they’re blue, and we’re very attached to having them around!

  5. We buy our scented bags at the Dollar Tree all the time. Can’t beat the price!

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