I’ve waited 23 years to try Peking duck and I will NOT be waiting so long to have it again!  It was fabulous!!!  We also picked up some nice chopsticks and red envelopes.  The chopsticks are for us; the red envelopes are for gifts for Chinese officials.  We also bought a durian fruit.  Hubs is excited; I’m a little afraid.  He thought he’d have to wait until we go to China for this stinky fruit, but now we’ll have the glorious event here.  Pictures and descriptions of smell may come tomorrow.  Too bad I can’t convey smell directly through the blog.  We did try a durian fruit smoothie, which was okay, but I doubt it fully conveys the taste or any of the smell.


It was a great trip ~ Snowflake’s jie jie-friend (age 2 1/2) has offered to teach her Chinese and English when she arrives.  Yup, that’s The Kidlet’s official blog name now — Snowflake.  New Girl and Mamacita, you two have the honor and the glory!  I think Snowflake most accurately conveys the idea of Snow and Ice.  Now if we add her last name, which means River we could really get into something interesting.  I like that all of her names are related to water.  I’m surprised she’s not an Aquarius with all this water, but she’s a little late for that.  That’s okay, her mommy is.  But she is a Pisces and who’s more dependent upon water than a fish?  My daughter is a cold-water fish.  Alaska friend, we may need to bring her swimming up your way.


6 Responses

  1. We are the champions, my friend!!! dunt dunt dunnnnn

    I hope you bought those HPs. Too cool!

    I love Snowflake.

  2. Ahem……. we have frozen rivers here too.
    I know Snowflake would love to visit her favorite aunt (aUnt) soon too….
    But no stinky fruit or duck (my exclamation points aren’t working)

  3. Love the HPs…!

    Durian fruit is supposed to be great for fertility….

  4. Love the nickname!

    Looks like a good day. Durian also scares me.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Yay Snowflake! I am also very afraid of the Durian and also love the HPs.

  6. I am extraordinarily interested in the Durian
    please show photos and give good descriptions

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